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Located in Jepara, heart of woodworker, in central Java, Java Furnindo was founded ten years ago in 2013.

Java Furnindo works in a symbiotic relationship with Indonesia’s talented artisans. Our goal is an excellence that mirrors the great makers of the past but in a modern context. After developing a design, fabrication begins with the careful selection of wood, paying attention to species, grain, color, luster and character. Using hand tools and sophisticated machines, carpenters shape, cut and carve all components with precision. Quality joinery with the use of specialized glues, hardware fixtures and finishes ensure durable furniture to withstand the test of time. 

Java furnindo is a facilitator in both export and domestic projects. Together with clients we explore and define needs and options. In some cases clients have very clear ideas of what they want, while others are seeking. With extensive experience we can quickly move from the theoretical to three-dimensional renderings and detailed shop drawings that allow you to see what the end product will look like. From here we continue to manufacture either one of a kind or larger production.

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